ARCH2021 Final Project

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Earlier (in Takehome 1 and 2) you were asked to apply geometric modeling (ArchiCAD) to one of the following topics:

1. Your Studio Project: For this option, you need to select your architecture or interior design studio project and use ArchiCAD to model it. For this one, you can use your Take-home project on which you were working.

2. A Project of a well-known Architect or Designer: In this option, you are expected to model a project of a well-known architect or designer using ArchiCAD. You might refer to the Internet or various publications to select the project on which you want to work.

Now you are expected to complete this model you have been working throughout the semester.


Your final project should produce the following (at a minimum):

  • Floor Plans and a site plan.

(The site plan will only be visible on a layout accessible from the Layout Book in the Navigator palette.)

  • Two sections and 4 elevations.

(Sun and shadows must be turned on in elevations.)

  • 4 rendered images from 3D interior/exterior perspectives (two must be produced from the interior).

(Pixel size for the images is 1024×768 pixels. They must be saved as .TIF files. You should assign proper materials for each building element).

  • Printing layouts for all project drawings and their actual print-outs on A3 size papers. One of print-out must be a colored layout of renderings you produced from your model.

Projects can be submitted in any scale. All plans, sections and elevations must be dimensioned. You should assign proper pen weight and colors for each element.

Please use the same pen weight and colors suggested in Takehome 1 and2.

You are required to submit your project on CD-ROMs on which your name and contact information are printed.  The final project constitutes 45% of your final grade.

It is important that your work presents representational and organizational consistency and also demonstrates the effort you spent. The project must be executed by yourself, no one else!

The deadline for the project is Monday, January 16th 2012 between 9:30-14:30

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