ARCH2021 Takehome Exercise 2

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The aim of this assignment is to be able to generate sections and elevations from existing plans and add presentational details to them.

1.    Produce two sections and four elevations using the plan you created in your earlier take-home project.

2.    Assign materials for all building elements. In the elevation settings the relevant option must be selected to illustrate the surfaces of building elements with their own material colors (shaded).

3.    All of the elevations must incorporate shadows, and the transparency option for them should be turned off.

4.    One of the elevations must have a simple distant building behind; “marked distant area” option must be checked on in its elevation settings; the secondary line created to illustrate the notion of distance should be properly placed.

5.    One of the elevations must have a Linear Gradient Fill that represents sky.

6.    You should assign proper pen weights for building elements. Suggested pen weights:

Walls (cut) 0,6 Furnishings 0,2
Columns (cut) 0,6 Axis Lines 0,2
Slabs 0,1 Section/Elevation Lines 0,6
Beams (cut) 0,6 Dimension Lines 0,15
Windows/Doors 0,2 Annotations
(Text and dimensions)

Due Date and Delivery Method:

    5.12.2011 (late assignments will not be accepted)

File Naming Format:

    Your file name should have the following convention:


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